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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  February 26, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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it's 5:00 a.m. another tragic mass shooting. people at work doing their jobs when a coworker opens fire. we're hearing from someone who was inside when it alll happened. >> you don't know anything about business. >> i don't know anything about bankrupting people. >> if he builds the wall the way he built trump tower, we'll be using illegal immigrant power to do it. >> reporter: professional
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stadium. the nhl stadium series between the av's and red wings, spectator plaza, the alumni game. >> thanks for waking up with us on denver 7. i'm mitch jelniker. >> i'm kellie patterson here with jayson anddlisa. >> today near 60, tomorrow closer to 70. >> that's incredible. >> temperatures in the 20s and 30s. first alert fracking what will be a beautiful couple of days. jason, your shoes are squeaky. >> i know. >> they are squeaky. >> anyway. >> normal high today is 49. the record high is 71. we're talking temperatures closer to records than to normals both today and tomorrow. you're waking up to 20s and 40s. denver today at 3:00 a high of
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we have upper 50s, low 60s covering northeastern colorado. winds will be a bit gusty in spots. we'll talk about that coming up. 40s and 50s in the mountains and low to mid-60s across southeastern colorado. >> and these shoes have laces. usually my slipons. >> remember the days when you wore slippers? >> i love my slippers. going back to my slipper days. we have a good drive going on here this morning, and you can see across 225 easy driving anywhere you want to go. wide. a lot of green on the map, north, south, east and west including getting out to dia. no linnering overnight construction to worry about and no accidents or stalls either. thank you. in south central kansas three innocent people are dead. 14 others injured. this is after a man opened fire business. >> you're taking a look at the scene now where it happened. some of the survivors hugging their loved ones.
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the business, chased the people in the front office out and started firing his assault style weapon. `> we have a look at the shooter, cedric ford. the first officer on scene shot and killed him saving more lives. investigators trying to figure out ford's motive, but say he worked there. we're hearing from people who survived. >> everybody said there was gunshots, a shooter and we kept hearing pop, pop. and i ran over and there was a gentleman, i guess his name is adam, he got shot. i walked over, tried to help him as much as i could. >> investigators haven't named the victims, but as soon as we learn more we'll post pictures on our web site, you can also download the free denver 7 app to get the latest. talk about a show down. if you didn't watch the gop debate last night you missed a pretty entertaining evening. >> marco rubio came out on fire, taking on donald trump,
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>> they both kept going back and forth all night long. take a listen. >> you're the only person on this stage ever fined for hiring people to work on your projects illegally. >> no, i'm the only one of the stage that's hired people. you haven't hired anybody. >> you have many different plans. you'll have competition. >> now he's repeating himself. >> no, no. >> you repeat yourself every day. [ applause ] >> talking about repeating, i watched him repeat himself five times four weeks ago. >> you repeated yourself five times five seconds ago. >> rubio technically in third, right behind the other candidates there. this is their last debate before super tuesday, next tuesday, when several states, including colorado, will have a caucus or primary.
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nevada governor sandoval was a possible replacement candidate for justice scalia. he says he doesn't want the job now. so the search continues. big news out of the cherry creek school district. a bus driver was arrested yesterday on suspicion of dui. happened at west middle school. see it on the map. denver7 reporter eric lupher live outside the cherry creek bus lot this morning. eric, this was a fellow staffer who blew the whistle here. >> reporter: it was that staffer at west middle school who reported smelling alcohol on michael hobbs' breath and turned him in. this happened at weet yesterday afternoon when this was reported and as hobbs drove off with 30 kids. he still was able to drive off, it was the next stop where administrators stopped that bus and told the kids to get off. here's what happened after that. a paramedic was actually ordered to check on the driver and cleared him medically. but then a sheriff's deputy
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conducted a road side sobriety test and arrested hobbs on suspicion of dui. "the denver post" reporting a blood test won't be back for a few weeks. we don't have a picture of hobbs. we can tell you he's been with the chris christie school district -- cherry creek school district about a year and a half. what is the district saying about there? details coming up at 5:30. eric lupher, denver 7. parents of kids in arvada, this teacher we have here, lucas cole young was arrested wednesday accused of sexually exploitation of a child. elementary school. police started investigating him when he said child porn just poped up on his computer. mark county deputytykolby martin recovering in the hospital after being shot several times tuesday. though he is still in serious condition, we're told he is up
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funeral arrangements are being made for corporal nate carrigan, who was killed in that same shootout. he was a father, coach and school resource officer. our entire state stood with park county yesterday as his body was escorteded to the coroner's office in fair play and his boss speaking out about it. >> as a pattern you send your kids off and you want -- parent you send your kids off and you want them to return the same condition you sent them off in. nate was one of my kids. >> carrigan was killed while serving that eviction notice and the sheriff said he knew this was a high risk situation. in light of all the senseless shootings, an owner of a coffee shop in downtown denver is offering police officers a free cup of coffee. >> they can get their cup of joe at amethyst coffee. a few have already taken him up on the deal.
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their hands and thank you for the job you do. >> he said most of them grab the coffee and take it to go. >> they're busy. tonight the nhl stadium series coming to denver. >> it begins with an alumni game. denver7 reporter jason gruenauer joins us live from coors field this morning. >> reporter: good morning from the place where we normally say take me out to the ball game. we're taking you out to the ball game, but it's the hockey game at the ballpark. check it out, we have the banners up at coors field. a couple of hours now, actually, until that alumni game. let's say you want to make this more of a weekend or don't have tickets but still want to come out. it's what spectator plaza is about. food, drink, entertainment, live bands, fun interactive things. you can take pictures with jerseys and things like that. a slap shot challenge. we're going to try to take that in a little bit. we're going to show you what inside the stadium looks like,
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putting a baseball stadium where each goal is on the irst and third base respectively, it's really cool. they've been working at this for a while. the rink inside has been up about a week and a half. last weekend they had the battle on blake between du and colorado college. i was at that game. quite the sight to see, a hockey game played inside a baseball stadium. since then they've just ramped things up. they built fake rocky mountains in the outfield. they did all sorts of stuff. we want to run you through scheduling. this plaza area will open at 1:00 today, 1:00 to 5:00 on the corner of 20th and blake across the street from the stadium. tonight. tomorrow 2:00 to 6:00 this area will be open and free to the public. then puck drop between the av's and red wings at 6:00. it's a little bit chilly out here now. but normally, lisa is talking about 60, 70 degrees.
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we'll have an answer coming up at 5:30. reporting live at coors field, where there's a hockey game, jason gruenauer, denver 7. >> a hockey game breaking out. >> i know. and people will probably need short sleeves. >> they pulled it off last week. nhl can handle this. >> yeah, no problem. a little boy kicked off a we're hearing from them. >> reporter: larimer county fairgrounds will be jamming in
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it's 5:13. sad news to report this morning, just learned this man, paul murphy passed away. i had the honor of interviewing years. long time broomfield residents.
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colorado of the u.s.s. indianapolis. that ship delivered the key components of the a bomb in world war ii. it was sunk by japanese torpedoes on the way home. murphy and about 900 other men were trapped without water or food for four days. by the time help arrived, because it was a secret mission, only 316 survivors. murphy was one of them. he passed away sunday in aurora at the age of 91. this next story has a lot of people talking. a little boy only 7 was kicked off an airplane after he had an allergic reaction. someone with a service dog got %- on the flight causing him to break out in hives. this caused the flight to be delayed as crew members moved him to the back of the plane. `hen his health issues continued they had to kick him off the flight which is when other passengers started clapping. >> i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i'm sorry, it's not my fault.
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no way, i'm not getting off this plane with my dogs. so he didn't, so we got de boarded off the plane. >> what passengers didn't know is his father has terminal cancer and they were traveling so they could see his family. that was the purpose of being on that plane. now to a happier story in loveland today. people there will be packing 659,000 meals to help feed kids all over the world. >> they'll do it all in two days. it's called noco is slammin' for famine. dayle cedars joins us live near loveland where it's all happening today. >> reporter: it is going to get started later on this afternoon. they're going to begin moving everything over to the event center in just a little bit. you can see the semi behind me. this thing will be filled with more than half a million packages of food. joining me now to talk more about this is brian.
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tell me exactly what will be taking place. >> in about four hours or so we're going to start getting about 2500 volunteers and they'll be coming into the mckey event center behind us, backing about half a million of these meals. we'll do seven shifts, about 360 people a piece. the meals will go into these trucks, right to haiti and south africa. this? >> we wanted to do something that would allow families and kids to bb able to get involved in a ministry, reaching out, and something that was easy to do and this was something that allows kids from five years old all the way up to people up to 90 and above to be able to come in for two hours and really use their hands to do something that's going to make a difference really across the globe. >> reporter: it's pretty impressive, when you're talking literally two and a half days total packaging more than
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>> it's a very fast paced event. we do about a 10-minute video and we start playing old rock music and people put on their hair nets and start packing this food. we're partnering with feed my starving children and they've packed over a billion meals so far that have gone across the country. >> reporter: incredible to see this outreach in northern colorado. we're going to stay with these guus throughout the morning. coming up we're going to open one of these packages. we're going to put it to the test and we'll bring that to you live. we are live near fort collins, dayle cedars, denver 7. >> that's cool. a lot of work. >> great work. they're going to have a lot of people. >> good for kiddos to get involved. >> good example. we have an unreal forecast. the biggest issue especially for spots in northern colorado, winds picking up. gusty at times. wind speeds through the mountains about 20 to 40 miles per hour. it's pretty calm in fort collins and greeley. but this morning through early afternoon could see a few gustier spots.
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conditions and great temperatures. 30degrees now in denverr winds here are southwest at about 5 to 10 miles per hour. you're going to find dry conditions, a lot mooe drying up and through the mountains today and tomorrow. most of us close to freezing now. evergreen, 24. berthoud pass 12. fort collins at 25. in aurora just below freezing. teens and 20s out west. gunnison one of the coldest spots this morning at just 1. our highs for today will be close to 60 from denver to fort collins to greeley. most of northern colorado well into the 60s today. 40s and 50s for the mountains. a little closer in we've got fort collins at 60. few breezes, a little gusty up and through the foothills at times today. boulder a high of 58. it will get warmer. sunshine will dominate today and tomorrow. i want to take you through i'm going to start it at 6:00 tomorrow morning. there's really not anything to show you today. by tomorrow afternoon we'll see
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that's at 2:30. and through the early afternoon into the evening we'll see a little bit of snow develop across parts of northern colorado and move into the central mountains late saturday into early sunday. this is a weak storm system. we're not going to see much plains. might get a stray shower clipping the northern corner. today 60. tomorrow 70 degrees, mostly sunny. sunday with that weak storm we'll drop into the mid-50s. better chance to get a little rain and snow in denver on tuesday. we'll talk more about that coming up. >> a pretty smooth drive. we'll take a look at some of the cameras, including the one we have around i-76 to the north side of town at i-25, so far so good. moving smoothly there and below on i-25. camera on the side streets, mlk and steele, and a very easy drive. very few folks out now at 5:00. we're taking a look at now the
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a lot of green, north side, south side, i-76 as we just saw, i-70 to the west side looking fantastic. 15 minutes or less from the north side to dowwtown denver. c-470 and 225 commute also looking nice. we'll start off this drive and say it's awesome for now, especially driving downtown to the denver tech center. thank you. i-70 and glenwood canyon open in both directions, but there's still going to be delays. cdot reopened the interstate yesterday after that ock slide shut it down about two weeks ago.
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only kraft natural cheese has a touch of philadelphia cream cheese, so whatever you make,
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welcome back. 5:22. happy friday. taking a live look from the roof cam. are you ready? 60 today, close to 70 tomorrow. >> i like the sound of that. >> me, too. today we'll find out if this teen will get life in prison for raping and killing his high school teacher. >> this was a case that made national high school in 2013 he attacked his teacher in a massachusetts school bathroom. he was only 14 at the time. prosecutors want him to gett50 years in prison. leaders at the university of missouri fired this professor here. this comes after she tried to force a journalist away from a protest last fall. she's also charged with third another state could legalize recreational marijuana. vermont senate passed a bill allowing folks 21 and
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that bill heads to the house judiciary committee. subway will soon offer antibiotic free chicken. they hope to have this done by 2018. new this morning, an elderly lady who makes life brighter for kids in ohio got a great birthday surprise. every afternoon doris waves hello to students as their bus dropped them off. she started doing there when her granddaughter rode the bus. >> but she continued the tradition when she moved. the kid did something special to celebrate her 88th birthday. >> i cried. i see cried. i cried. i was so shocked.
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them. >> the kids sang happy birthday to her. that's a little bit of sound we were hoping to share. they love her so much they call her grandma. isn't that cool? >> look how cute she is. >> love that generational thing. >> something to look forward to doris waiting for you. >> we have a beautiful day today. clear skies state-wide. say. beautiful clear skies. today it's going to be warm. near 60. tomorrow even warmer. the polar plunge is tomorrow. for the run, 5k starts at 11:00. low 60s by that point. that's pretty warm for a run. lots of sunshine. you'll need sunscreen tomorrow, especially if you're like mitch wearing a speedo. get it all over the legs, mitch, in case. by noon for the plunge, 65 degrees and the best part, jayson, the beer garden after the plunge, 70 degrees. >> i understand the pool is
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so i'm not allowed to dive. but i was encouraged to cannonball. but there's a lot of me and a lot of the water would be exiting out of the pool.. 16th and champa looking pretty nice. everything is running smoothly. streaming camera in broomfield, one to get and main -- 120th and main street also nice and quiet. thank you. it's 5:26. before you let the kids play football, we have a warning about the helmets.
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it's 5:30. we're following several big stories, including an awful mass shooting at a workplace leaving several people dead. >> our community is mourning this fallen deputy you can see behind us.
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>> plus, football can be a dangerous sport. it's why parents look for good helmets. but there's more to look for than just the price tag. >> we want to check in with lisa with our first alert forecast. >> i might. i'm all over the place. lots of sunshine in store. beautiful start to our friday. even with a weak storm sunday, our temperatures will stay above normal. 70s tomorrow on saturday. our winds will be a bit of an issue, especially up and through the foothills and across parts of northern and northeastern colorado. berthoud pass with a recent wind gust of 40 miles per hour. pretty calm state-wide. we're going to be watching that corner of the state. it's also going to be one of the warmest corners of the state. upper 50s it looks like to near 60 today. fort collins 60. denver 60. tomorrow 10 degrees warmer. storm coming up. there. very nnce driving state-wide as


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